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A place for animal crossing qr codes made by qrcrossing corner as well as sharing other designs made by other people.

Requests are CLOSED, I am too busy at this time.

Note: I am unable to do pictures of characters due to limitations. With the small amount of space, it is not possible without sacrificing quality.

Probably won’t be able to design for a bit due to college getting even more stressful. I bombed a test today, so I need to focus more. At least until spring break in 3 weeks

Burger King Shirt

Burger King Sign

Taco Bell Sign

Subway Sign

Pizza Hut Sign

I looks at lot better far away than I thought it would.


Ho ho, a few little spring-themed shirts I made last Saturday! While I’m excited for spring, I really miss the snow. I LOVE SNOW YOU GUYS. I love it a lot, aaaww.


The snow is gone, yay! I’m so happy the game is green again (*^ワ^*) In order to celebrate the coming of spring, I’ve made this outfit 


here’s a pattern i made a while back. please, enjoy becoming meguca


After the success of my Kitty sweater I decided to change the colours slightly and make a bunny variant! So here’s a bunny jumper (get it, jumper, because it’s a RABBIT?) ~ enjoy!

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